How to Measure for Blinds and Shades at Home and the Office?

How to Measure for Blinds and Shades at Home and the Office?

Suresh khatri

Ready Made Blinds Uk can add so much character and functionality to any room in several ways, from providing decor, controlling how much light enters, and increasing privacy. But blinds won't serve their intended purpose if they don't fit your windows exactly; so how do you ensure yours are perfectly measured for them?

Assuming you don't know how to take accurate measurements can be a daunting task. Mistakenly taking measurements could leave you with products that do not quite fit together perfectly, creating headaches in the form of wasted materials or incorrect fitting.

Discovering the appropriate way of measuring is crucial if you wish to install and purchase items yourself.

How to Measure Windows for Blinds

In order to get an accurate reading, specific measurements need to be taken in specific areas. As is always best practice, try following directions as closely as possible so your final numbers are as precise as possible.

Made to Measure Roman Blinds Uk offer many benefits; however, these advantages can become nullified if not installed correctly. A covering that is too large will likely not fit correctly, while one that is too small won't provide full window coverage.

New roller, Venetian or vertical blinds come with either an inside fit or an outside fit option; both involve taking measurements from multiple points across your home to ensure an ideal fit.

Measure for an Inside Fit

An inside fit is the most commonly-seen fit option and involves installing your Ready Made Roman Blinds Uk in the inside of a window. For helpful visual instructions and accurate results, we highly suggest visiting our measuring guide on our site before taking measurements. To help make measuring easy and precise.

To install a roller blind, it is important to:

  • Width Measurement: Measure across the top of your window frame for width measurement of your window and record this number.
  • Drop Measurement: Measure from top to bottom in height measurements for your window measurement and record these figures as well.

To install Venetian or vertical blinds, it is necessary to:

  • Measure Window Width: Measure across the top of your window frame for width measurement, noting this number down.
  • Measure Window Drop: Measure from the very top to very bottom in three different places on either side, centering and right, taking measurements along each of these routes and noting down which measurement was smallest.

Cheap Blackout Blinds installed with an outside fit are set outside your window and require special measurements in order to do their job effectively. An outside fit can block out more light than an interior fit but requires different measurements as well as consideration as to whether you want your window covering secured to either the wall above your window or its architraves.

In order to purchase and install a roller, Venetian, or Vertical Blinds Online system you must:

  • Width Metric: Take measurements for both width and depth measurements on the outside of your window frame or architrave and add 70mm. Note this number down.
  • Drop Metric: Add 100mm when taking outside height measurements from window frames/architraves for drops measurement.

For optimal results, ensure your window is clear of obstructions that could interfere with measurements. Take measurements twice or three times to the nearest millimeter to double or triple check that they are accurate - don't adjust anything until specifically instructed otherwise!